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Public Housing
Income Limits

Income Limits |(2023 Coming Soon)

Housing Authorities use Income Limits developed by HUD to determine eligibility.

  • Annual Median Income for a Family of Four in this area = $65,200

  • Extreme-Low Income= 30% of Median Annual Income = $13,700 household of 1

  • Very-Low Income= 50% of Median Annual Income= $22,850 household of 1

  • Low Income= 80% of Median Annual Income= $36,550 household of 1




  • To determine the TTP (Total Tenant Payment, or rent) the formula used is the highest of the following, rounded to the nearest dollar.

  1. 30% of the monthly adjusted income. (Monthly Adjusted Income is annual income, less deductions, allowed by the regulations- children, elderly, disabled)

  2. 10 percent of monthly income.

  3. Welfare rent, if applicable.

  4. A $25 minimum rent or higher amount (up to $50) is set by the Agency.

  • Re-certifications are required once a year from the move-in date. Interims are mandated when a tenant’s situation has changed (dependents, job, or pay change) that could impact rent.

  • Job status is checked from an online database using the tenant's SSN.

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