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Landlord Information

Landlord Frequently Asked Questions


I have a family ready to rent my unit. Now what?

You will fill out the Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) form and return the RTA to the family, so they can bring in the RTA to our office. We verify that the family qualifies with the rent amount that is requested.


When the RTA is returned the inspector will conduct a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection and completes a Rent Reasonableness form that shows the rent requested is reasonable. Once the unit passes inspection the family can sign a lease and move into the unit.


Can a HCV family rent from a relative?

No. Voucher families can't rent from immediate relatives, which includes their mother·, father, brother, sister, grandparents, grandchildren, in-laws, step-family, or any member of his/her household. You further qualify you are not related to the family when you sign the RTA.


How do I notify the Housing Authority I sold my unit?

As soon as you know you are closing with a new owner, please notify our office so we can place the payment on hold. When all the paperwork is completed on the sale of the unit provide us a copy and the new owner will need to fill out paperwork for us to change payments to them.


If you change management companies a copy of the management agreement must be given to us for our files.


Can the client pay the difference in rent if I had to reduce the rent for them?

No. The landlord cannot under any circumstances charge or accept additional payments from the family above the rent approved by the Housing Authority. This is considered fraud and both parties could be terminated from the program.


When can I request a rent increase?

We must receive your rent increase request a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to your tenant's re-examination date. We must review and complete a Rent Reasonable form for all rent increases. If approved, your rent will increase on the effective date of your tenant's recertification date. You may only request a rent increase once a year.


Send all rent increase requests to Sandra Colbert via mail or email to:

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